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At Tightrope Interactive, we help software publishers and advertisers monetize and increase installations of their products by developing comprehensive campaigns and white label install solutions.

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WebInstall is our downloadable products monetization and distribution platform. It delivers the best in class browser, geo-targeting, and path optimization technology. Create bundles, choose the advertising to be delivered, and optimize campaigns with information gathered via deep analytics.

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Tightrope Interactive Monetizes Downloads

By Combining Our Innovative Technology With a Broad Network Of Consumer Sites.


Get a branded installer and earn more by presenting advertiser offers during installation of your product.


Boost ROI through advanced targeting, within our network of over 100 million monthly downloads.

Our media team distributes traffic to over 200 countries &

Media Services

Our team of media and creative professionals work with you to craft campaigns that reach strategically targeted users through paid and organic search. We meet compliance standards while creating eye-catching assets with the look and feel of your product.

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Installer Technology

Our enterprise-class installer technology is now available for your business as a white-label solution for driving installs. Paired with our advanced analytics tools, our technology developments maximize your ROI.

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Our installer powers over 2.5 million Installs per month

Consumer Products

Our tools–the Freshy Toolbar Platform and the User Control Panel–empower you to better target users, optimize campaigns, and increase downloads. Earn more with the help of customizable technology and analytics.

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