Consumer Products

We are constantly striving to innovate with new products, new tools, and new methods to optimize campaigns. We work tirelessly to develop products to best serve our own internal needs and the needs of our clients; it is our goal to make everything we touch faster and more efficient. It’s this tireless pursuit of improvement that has made us an industry leader in conversions, installations, and product development.

Custom Installer

We’ve been in the installer space since 2008. WebInstallâ„¢, our installer, was originally built for internal use with a focus on outbound marketing. Whether you’re looking to offset marketing costs through use of an install monetization solution or simply wish to boost revenue per install, you will benefit from all the effort we have put into product evolution and refinement.

User Control Panel

The User Control Panel is an interface that allows our clients to access and analyze data gathered from their installer campaigns. It provides up-to-the-minute information including installs, revenue, and RPI by region, campaign, affiliate, or source. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, the Control Panel empowers you to manage your traffic better and optimize your campaigns.

Products & Games Catalogs

When creating product bundles and offer screens, we draw from our large catalog of free open source products and free games. Thanks to this deep catalog, we can match offers to products easily, and get bundles created quickly. We also use these catalogs when creating our download portals like Playfin and FreeDownloads.