Installer Technology

Our proprietary white-label platform monetizes product downloads by serving advertisements and sponsored product offers to users during the installation process. The software options are hand-picked and matched to your product to assure that the product is relevant to your user’s interest, and all offers are opt-in.

An Optimized Download Experience

We use our experience in optimizing installers and offer screens to help you get the most out of your traffic. We will help you select advertisers, run multivariate tests, and adjust parameters based on test results to maximize return.

Customizable Installer Skins & Offer Screens

Our products and services are all available as white-label solutions, so everything that we deliver will match the look and feel of your existing web presence. You also customize the advertiser flow in the download process, choosing whose ads you both do and do not want shown to your users. With our customization options, you control the whole process, from start to finish.

Installer Tests With Industry-Leading Analytics

Our analytics tools are built to help you maximize your return by giving you end-to-end insights into all facets of the download and install process. These insights, available via the User Control Panel, allow you to understand user behavior and, based on that information, improve the install flow.

Monitor Across A Wide Variety of Parameters

Our analytics allow you to view data on a granular level: generate reports on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Paired with geographical targeting, you can tell where and when to target potential customers. Monitor revenue per offer, per install, or per start, and find out the take rate and conversion rates for your offer. Armed with this data, we work with you to better target users and get the best ROI for your budget.